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I have an interdisciplinary visual art practice without any neat categories.  I worked across commercial and editorial set design and styling within fashion for 12 years collaborating with a wide range of brands and creatives. These constructed theatrical "worlds" framed by the camera had mark making, colour, and gesture at their core with an aim to leave an imprint of the body in space however subtle.

After asking many questions of the fashion industry regarding ethics and sustainability, in 2015, I turned my focus towards education. I have been lecturing at the London College of Fashion, UAL, since then.

My teaching practice aims to frame aspects of the climate crisis and how it impacts fashion and the future of the industry. I have been greatly inspired by the Earth Logic Action Plan ( Fletcher, K and Tham, M 2019 ) and the ongoing research conducted by the Centre for Sustainable Fashion at LCF. I am a member of Fashion Act Now, an activist group demanding a radical de fashion future. De Fashion is a transition to post clothing fashion systems that are regenerative, local, fair and nurturing for the needs of communities.

My own research aims to frame a deeper engagement with landscape, fashion ecology and bodily listening. I embed these enquiries throughout my pedagogical approach. I am currently activating  aspects of these via the construction of a dye garden on my allotment.

I design and lead fashion workshops that have storytelling at their core and utilise fashion as a tool for change and empowerment.

I self published two photographic books. "Cuttings" in collaboration with photographer Annie Collinge, and "Ideas for Other Pictures" in collaboration with photographer Leandro Farina. Both books were launched alongside site specific exhibitions. ( 2015/2016)

I am part of a three person female arts collective, with our most recent work investigating the need for an eco somatic language and new words for speaking about anthropogenic harm-doing- FLINT

Office Magazine/NYC

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